Moving Beehives across the back yard.

Part 2 of moving.

After being stung twice last night, I didn’t want a repeat of that again. So tonight I put on my socks with the holes cut in them to act like glove extender protectors, and I wore another set of a thin bee hive suit we purchased for basic bee checks.

It was after dusk when I started out, I had planned it this way as the temperate drops dramatically around that time of night. I think it was about 10 degrees (Celcius) at the time that I performed this task.

At last, I think I have figured out how to light and keep the smoker going for the full length of time required.  For those of you having trouble, read my post on How to Light a Bee Hive Smoker.

This seemed to have done the thing, because even though there seemed to be a lot of bees around, I did not get stung!

No wonder I couldn’t get the top box off of the hive last night. the box below it was totally stuck so when I did pull off the top, almost all of the bottom frames came with it!  At least I could deal with it this time.

I taped up the entrance to the hive and wrapped the hive up so it would not come apart. Then I decided to just move it straight to its new location. Why not? This will mean that I only have to open the hive up sometime next week, probably Sunday.