I have no pictures today as normally I get someone else to take pictures while I perform the autopsy 🙂

Temperature during the inspection today was a balmy 39 Degrees, which is cooler than the 44 Degrees (Celsius) it reached earlier on today.

My left hand hive is finally taking off, so it is a good job I have some spare brood boxes in the shed. Next month I will be adding another brood box on top.

The Right had hive, which I added a second Brood box to late last month, is already looking really good.  Most of the frames have bee wax on them and there are some signs of frames with honey on them already. I am looking forward to being able to take a frame or two out at some time to collect my first bit of honey, but I am no where near ready for that yet.

DateTime of DayCircumstance Surrounding Sting(s)Other Comments
2015-11-186:00 PMI had just finished 'pounding' in a post using the heavy crow bar. I think a bee caught a ride on my left leg. I was not stung until I walked past the front door to the Chicken Coop. The sting was more like a surprising annoyance. In fact ants leave a worse lasting impression. The sting was gone within 15 or 20 minutes.
2015-12-195:15 PMI was inspecting the right hand side Hive, and felt it sting me through my right leather glove!
2015-12-259:00 AMI had noticed that there were small ants crawling on the right hand side hive. So I put some boiling water and dish-washing liquid into a container, and gently cleaned off the ants. At least one of the bees decided I was in participation with the ants, so I got stung on the right forearm.
2016-01-107:30 PMWhile watering, one bee decided to become kamikaze on me. Making a bee line straight for my head, it was a one on one battle between me, the water hose and a bee. The bee won, and died a fast, painful death. My head is still sore.
2016-01-166:30 PMWatering, but this time i was wearing a simple bee suit. So of course it stung me on the left thigh.
2016-02-207:00 PMHaving just finished inspecting both hives, and adding a new box to one of the hives, I was walking away and one stung me on the instep of my left ankle. Approx 15 seconds later another one stung me on the out step of my ankle. I am convinced that this was a synchronized kamikaze attempt to ward me from the hive.
2016-03-037:00 PMI was inspecting the right hive. Fully suited up and wearing as much protection as possible. One bee stung me through my suit on the right lower forearm - somehow getting through the top part of my glove. Later on I found out that this bee managed to sting me twice (or perhaps it was two bees?).

Then, at my right ankle. What is it about ankles? I had three or four stings take me out. One in particular really hurt! I just remember thinking, Ill grin and bear it.

Over all, that is about six stings. More stings than I have ever had at once before.
So, I noticed my face start to swell up afterwards. I had never noticed this action before, so I thought it might be best to head off down to the ER and see if something should be done with it. Needless to say I got a shot of adrenaline and some antihistamine tablets. Four hours later, I was released and felt very tired for the next few days.

I have decided to leave the bees alone for a few weeks!
2016-03-087:00 PMI was watering the pot plants. It has never been an issue before, but a bee decided to attack me. I am no where near the bee hive, but still it seems I am on the agenda! This time it is the back of my left hand. Here is for hoping nothing further comes out of this sting.
2016-08-206:25 PM (after Sunset)I had decided to move both my hives so they are not as close to the neighbors. After discussing the new location and setting up the new location, I decided to wait until sunset, when the temperature would drop to about 13 degrees Fahrenheit. I had almost finished moving one of the hives when I noticed a buzzing sound slightly louder then usual only to find that the bugger had gotten into my suit and on my face! Bastard stung me about 1cm left of my left eye. While I have not finished moving both hives, I decided it was more important to get this sting out of my eye. So, one hive moved thus far.
2016-08-256:30 PM (after sunset)Not sure what I was thinking. I didn't wear the full suit. I could not find the protective sock coverings which I usually wear (long socks with five holes cut out of them that protect my wrists and arms).

One bee stung me through my leather gloves on the left wrist, and then moments later another bee stung me on the right wrist.

I was able to get them out quick enough. Though while the sting on my right dissipated quickly, the one on the left swelled for quite a few hours.
2016-08-289:15 AMI should have been wearing a hat!
I was pruning the Tamarillo tree (it is a cousin to the tomato plant) and a bee landed on my hair. Instead of flying off, it kept buzzing and must have gotten itself caught. The inevitable happened and I got stung on my head. Lucky my wife was around to get it out.
DateTime of DayCircumstance Surrounding Sting(s)Other Comments
2015-11-306:350 AMApparently 2 bees went a little too close to her while she was picking lettuce in the garden. They got tangled up in her hair (she tried so hard not to react to them). One flew away but the other got disorientated and stung her on the back of the neck.What surprised me is how long she took to come to me and ask.. 'Do I have a bee sting in my neck?' A whole 5 minutes. Anyway, when I removed the sting, she had no swelling or any signs of a reaction to the sting whatsoever. PHEW!
2015-12-237:40 PMDuring general gardening, it seems a bee wanted to explore my wifes head. Having long hair, they seem to get tangled and possibly even confused, so in this case it decided to sting her. Now we are not sure if she was stung twice or once, but I could only find one sting lodged in her head.In future, I think we should just wear a hat when around the hives.