Each time I go to deal with my Hives, I am sure Ill go there, find something new, or make a new observation.  Sure, others have been there all before and can give me ideas.

I am sure someone could create a joke around ‘How many Apiarist it would take to change a light bulb’… But seeing I am joining the

Things for me to remember when Dealing with my Bee Hives

  1. Don’t put tools which you use IN the hive on top of another hive. While there are only trickles of honey on the tools it does tend to leave a very small residue which the ants pick up on very quickly. I was gone for about 10 mins after doing this, and the ants were ‘all over’ (that is, about 50 of em) the lid of the hive.  I have placed ant pellets around the hive, but I am not sure how I feel about this approach.
  2. If any of the Frames inside the hive are damaged (or if the Wax has melted off of the frame), remove the entire frame straight away for mending. In the future, i shall have a few spare frames available in case I need to swap them in.
  3. When it comes to the Smoker, there IS a way to use it. I noticed that when I smoked the hive, they became quite pissed off. I was sure the idea of the Smoker was to calm em all down.  What is going on?  Apparently, I am supposed to wait a few minuets after smoking them, and when I do smoke them, I only need to puff them a few times and wait.