Feel free to download and look the associated SegmentedWood V7 – still in Draft mode.  Feedback welcome!

I was recently watching a You Tube video on Vase Turning.  In the first 3 seconds of this video, right before the gentleman turns on his lathe, you can just make out an utterly bizarre wood concatenation of glued up wood squares (albeit very fancy wood squares) stacked one on top of each other.  Comparing the first 3 seconds to the last minuet or so, it is somewhat impossible to imagine that the two pieces of wood are related.

Me being me, I just had to figure out what the heck this was.  So with a little research found some references to ‘Segmented Wood’.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of information out there pertaining to this, but I wanted to know and understand the mathematics behind the segments.  So, I started a little Spreadsheet (promise, it is very small) which given a Diameter of two circles (ie the inside and outside diameter) this will let you see what you need to do in order to cut up and glue together just ONE of the wood segments.

In the Vase below, the Gentleman has 19 different segments (that is a whole lot of work) all glued together to create a phenomenal result!  I am not at the stage to even create a bowl yet from Segmented Wood… But maybe I can try it out in the near (far) future?

There is a whole lot of stuff missing from this spreadsheet, but perhaps it might help others with lengths and angles, etc for their wood working projects?